stroehmer’s bones

freedom. i can taste it like the first bite into a ripe mango, soft and sweet and running down my chin. i am about to set off on an expedition: an archeological dig of sorts, where the main goal is to unearth something full of power and almost forgotten. The trek will be spiritualistic, hedonistic, and […]

let your desires be known

just like spring to pull a fast one on me. sunny days, warm nights, and flashes of rollerskaters and lovers on the corner as i drive by on my way to nowhere special. then, without warning, gloom, rain and sweaters.bleh. what an inauspicious start to my birthday week. but i got flowers today. yellow daffodils. […]

whack the google

so pete’s birthday party was last night, and i actually remained pretty well-behaved. shocking. i mainly sat at the end of the bar, talking to a select few and sipping my drink with reserve and decorum. okay, fine, slurping my drinks with revelry and debauchery. occasionally i would make a foray into the throngs of […]

random sayings

things that  have come out of my mouth in the last week: 1. just let me get my clothes on and i’ll be out the door. 2. such creamy goodness. my goodness, creamy creamy. 3. i believe i’ll have the “polynesian pleasure.” things that have come out of other peoples’ mouths in the last week: 1. i’ve decided to […]

the definition of nothing

from the merriam-webster dictionary: bender: noun  1. one that bends  2. spree spree: noun  1. an unrestrained indulgence of an activity  – especially binge, carousal binge: noun  1a. a drunken revel  1b. an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence this was my weekend. ah hell, it was my entire week. since you last heard from me, dear readers, life has taken a […]