let your desires be known

just like spring to pull a fast one on me. sunny days, warm nights, and flashes of rollerskaters and lovers on the corner as i drive by on my way to nowhere special. then, without warning, gloom, rain and sweaters.bleh. what an inauspicious start to my birthday week.

but i got flowers today. yellow daffodils. completely unexpected, and very much welcome. thank you.

as peter recently said, “it’s the mating season.”


so, in the interest of keeping things fresh, i’ve decided to get a little more interactive with my blog.

tell me, dear readers, what is it that gets you going?  trips your trigger?  blows your hair back?  warms your muffins?

are you a fan of pda, or do you think that should only stand for “personal digital assistant?”

what songs rile you up?  what scents finesse your pheremones?  what sights make you slobber, and what tastes titillate the hell outta ya?

let’s summon summer, with all the heat, sweat and stickiness that it brings.

sign in my guestbook above and let your desires be known.

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