prairie days are here again

when i was in fourth grade, our class went on a field trip called prairie days. we visited an old one-room school house in the middle of nowhere, iowa and spent the whole day learning about life on the frontier (when iowa was “west” and not “middle” america). we were supposed to dress in period clothes, bring a […]

it’s all connected

things i experienced today while running errands on my lunch break: 1. the song “i love you always forever” by donna lewis. those of you who remember the song probably wish you didn’t;  those who don’t know it, count yourselves among the blessed. the only claim this song has on me is the fact that it was […]

alone with myself and myself

i had a long talk with myself last night. it went a little something like this:   boy, cara, you are some piece of work. do you mean that in a good or bad way, id? honey, i mean it in every way there is. why, what did i do now? it’s what you ain’t […]