it’s all connected

things i experienced today while running errands on my lunch break:

1. the song “i love you always forever” by donna lewis. those of you who remember the song probably wish you didn’t;  those who don’t know it, count yourselves among the blessed. the only claim this song has on me is the fact that it was kyle’s and my “song.”  i should have known from that alone that we were doomed from the start. blindsided by a decade-old love on a muggy monday mid-afternoon. it’s a wonder i didn’t wreck.

2. a car wreck. nothing serious. but i heard the crunch, looked to the side, and realized i’d been about 5 feet away from getting “involved.”  to stop would have definitely gotten me good and wrecked, so i circled around, but by the time i got back they were gone. now i wonder if it wasn’t just a physical manifestation of the end of my relationship with kyle. then again, i could be wrong. but you never know.

3. a fantastic rump in bright yellow knickers. then again, i could be wrong. but you never know.

4. some dangerous cleavage. my new bra and i don’t seem to agree on the proper amount of “lift and separate.”  any more lifted and i’d be finding god; any more separated and i’d be tom and nicole. but i get my kicks when and where i can.

5. the smell of freshly laundered clothes. there’s nothing quite like it, and few aromas better. possibly the crook of a man’s neck, or lilacs; although those don’t come around that often, so i get my kicks when and where i can.

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