noah’s shoe sale

hail, fellow. well met.

40 days and 40 nights since last you heard from the likes of me. i’ve been off and about with many matters, which has stunted the growth of this site as of late.

no more. i’m back.

and i’m going to talk about shoes.

there’s nothing more magical than finding the perfect pair of shoes when you weren’t even remotely looking for them. last friday on a free afternoon, sky so clear it took my breath away, ben folds delightfully, surprisingly flowing through my speakers, dinger (my confidence-challenged car) guided itself to a stop at a place i never knew existed.

i’m game. of course i am. there’s shopping involved.

wandering with purpose down the aisles, a buckle catches my eye. intrigued, i move closer. and there they are. my shoes. i mean, really mine. it was inconceivable to me that anyone else could even think about owning these shoes but me. ah. wedge heel. and on sale.

this naturally led to the purchase of clearance bling. a girl’s gotta accessorize, right?  i have never been able to resist anything bright and sparkly, and at $1.74 the price was well within my rationalization range.

this is my fourth day wearing these shoes. normally if i find something i like this much i get two, but these were the only pair. so i have before me two paths. do i save them for special occasions, be careful where i step and make them last?  or do i slide them on whenever i want, jumping into god knows what and loving them ‘til they’re frayed and falling apart?

so i guess i’m talking about shoes.

i guess i’m also talking about life. love. ah hell, everything we humans are capable of.

i have a feeling they’ll be back on my feet tomorrow.

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