ten things

the events of last weekend (as related by a sleep-deprived coffee junkie): 1. a new haircut. courtesy of jim at capelli. he called me rubenesque, which i took as a compliment. he’s my new favorite ambiguously-oriented hairdresser. i’m super-stylin’ in my new shagadelic do, all thanks to jim. 2. burlesque. yeah, you heard me. burlesque. pasties galore. come to think of […]

hellfire with a side of salvation

another day, another spam. i get so many, it’s hard to separate the ridiculous from the truly absurd. but i’m compelled to read them, just so that i won’t miss the gems that remind me what life is truly about. no, not a more active sex life. or refinancing a mortgage. or even hot, busty barely-legals that would […]