ten things

the events of last weekend (as related by a sleep-deprived coffee junkie):

1. a new haircut. courtesy of jim at capelli. he called me rubenesque, which i took as a compliment. he’s my new favorite ambiguously-oriented hairdresser. i’m super-stylin’ in my new shagadelic do, all thanks to jim.

2. burlesque. yeah, you heard me. burlesque. pasties galore. come to think of it, that would be a good stage name…

3. a marilyn moment. since i can’t smoke in a bar anymore (goddamn you, powers-that-be) i found myself on the “patio” at merc. “patio” because it’s a glorified strip of cement. but along with delivery of my stiff drink came a stiff wind that blew my skirt to kingdom come. i would have been embarrassed, but i know better.

4. a big breakfast. quite literally. come back inn serves the perfect amount of food for a tired, slightly hung-over gal on a saturday morn. all i left on my plate was ½ a slice of toast. and did i mention the $1 drinks with a breakfast order?  ah, screwdrivers.

5. two really good movies. tokyo godfathers and buffalo soldiers. the former is reviewed on my main page, the later stars joaquin phoenix and ed harris, is set in germany, and could best be described as “satire-drama-slapstick-period-piece-comedy-thingy.” confusing and fascinating, mostly because i was never sure what i was watching. it may not actually be any good. you decide!!!

 6. much vomiting. enough said.

7. paying a house call in my slip. i decided to go to pete’s in what i’d been wearing all day, recovering from the case of the tumultuous tummy. namely, my slip. oh, i put on shoes and all that, but i don’t think i’ve been so underdressed in public before. on purpose or by accident. i kinda liked it.

8. loose meat. made by morey, enjoyed by me. yum.

 9. crazy dreams. i had one of those epic dreams that involved people you know in places you know in situations that are familiar, but slightly skewed. all day i’ve been trying to discern what was all in my head between what’s actually happened. so, much like any other day, i guess.

there is no number ten.

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