the currency of life

let’s talk about money. as of this moment, i have $3.24 in my checking account. payday is two days from now, and while i have enough food in my fridge to see me through, none of it is especially appetizing (budget gourmet, anyone?). my car is running solely on fumes. i may have enough cigarettes till then if i […]

i’m screwed-up good

i’m a woman of few vices. jack and coke in one hand, cigarette in another, good food in my belly and i’m a happy girl. sure, i have a few too many pairs of shoes, and i can’t resist anything covered in chocolate, but i’m a pretty wholesome gal when it comes down to it. webster’s dictionary […]

chronological kooks

i chart my course through madison daily with the various kooks and characters i see on my travels. here, in particular and chronological order, are the prizewinners for today: 1. a man standing on the sidewalk on willy street, looking through a pair of binoculars. peculiar: he was looking at oncoming traffic. 2. a old man biking down atwood avenue wearing a […]

creatures of the air

autumn is my favorite season. always has been. i love the slight chill in the air, the smell of burning leaves, the riotous colors and the twilights that linger just a little bit longer. give me hot cocoa. better yet, spiced cider. i want the scratchy wool socks. i need the brisk breezes. i crave the corduroy […]