chronological kooks

i chart my course through madison daily with the various kooks and characters i see on my travels. here, in particular and chronological order, are the prizewinners for today:

1. a man standing on the sidewalk on willy street, looking through a pair of binoculars. peculiar: he was looking at oncoming traffic.

2. a old man biking down atwood avenue wearing a yellow polo and madras shorts. peculiar: he was going about 2 mph, admirably unconcerned with the line of cars backed up for blocks behind him.

3. a man sitting in a chair in the middle of the sidewalk on east washington avenue. peculiar: a man sitting in a chair in the middle of the sidewalk on east washington avenue.

4. a man on east washington avenue rummaging in the trunk of his car, wearing only shorts and a top hat.peculiar: top hats are kinda cool, in a creepy sort of way.

5. a man sitting on the ground against a fence on winnebago street with an open laptop and a smile on his face, gazing up at the sky. peculiar: not much. more like beautiful.

 it should be noted that all these were spotted within 20 minutes.

i love madison.

peculiar: there was not one interesting woman in the bunch. looks like a job for cara the bruce…

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