the bare and bloody words

this is a story i’ve never told anyone. this is a story i’m telling you now. it’s not a bad story, although i get hurt. it’s simply one of my many collisions.   i believe, though i’m not certain, that i was 10 years old. i don’t remember where i was coming from. i don’t […]

creatures of the air

autumn is my favorite season. always has been. i love the slight chill in the air, the smell of burning leaves, the riotous colors and the twilights that linger just a little bit longer. give me hot cocoa. better yet, spiced cider. i want the scratchy wool socks. i need the brisk breezes. i crave the corduroy […]

down at the circus

so i grew up in a small town. granted, it had a university and all, but basically, it was tiny-town. casey visited it once, and declared it “children of the corn” meets “pleasantville.” my childhood entertainment consisted mainly of making dams in the street gutters, so when they flushed the system we could play “sea […]

prairie days are here again

when i was in fourth grade, our class went on a field trip called prairie days. we visited an old one-room school house in the middle of nowhere, iowa and spent the whole day learning about life on the frontier (when iowa was “west” and not “middle” america). we were supposed to dress in period clothes, bring a […]