A House of Ashes

I sat, fidgeting, forcing my mouth to remain closed. I sat, close to tears, watching my mother, her one hand on the mouse, the other covering her mouth. Was she as close to crying out as me? The pointer drifted on the screen, sliding slowly down the available options from the drop-down menu. Sliding slowly back […]

the white-eater

too many days since i’ve put down words. too few reasons for this absence. when i wrote first of my father and his passing i thought there, that’s it, i’ve defined the landscape of my grief, and open, now, i can begin to find my way forward. i was so excited, so anxious to give […]

life by numbers

I apologize in advance if it takes a little while to get to my point. I’m a natural born procrastinator, you see; due to circumstances beyond my control (not at all, a joke, a lazy excuse in the shady blaming of genetics) I’ve never done today what I could put off until a year from […]

creatures of the air

autumn is my favorite season. always has been. i love the slight chill in the air, the smell of burning leaves, the riotous colors and the twilights that linger just a little bit longer. give me hot cocoa. better yet, spiced cider. i want the scratchy wool socks. i need the brisk breezes. i crave the corduroy […]

down at the circus

so i grew up in a small town. granted, it had a university and all, but basically, it was tiny-town. casey visited it once, and declared it “children of the corn” meets “pleasantville.” my childhood entertainment consisted mainly of making dams in the street gutters, so when they flushed the system we could play “sea […]