i’m screwed-up good

i’m a woman of few vices. jack and coke in one hand, cigarette in another, good food in my belly and i’m a happy girl. sure, i have a few too many pairs of shoes, and i can’t resist anything covered in chocolate, but i’m a pretty wholesome gal when it comes down to it. webster’s dictionary […]

ten things

the events of last weekend (as related by a sleep-deprived coffee junkie): 1. a new haircut. courtesy of jim at capelli. he called me rubenesque, which i took as a compliment. he’s my new favorite ambiguously-oriented hairdresser. i’m super-stylin’ in my new shagadelic do, all thanks to jim. 2. burlesque. yeah, you heard me. burlesque. pasties galore. come to think of […]

whack the google

so pete’s birthday party was last night, and i actually remained pretty well-behaved. shocking. i mainly sat at the end of the bar, talking to a select few and sipping my drink with reserve and decorum. okay, fine, slurping my drinks with revelry and debauchery. occasionally i would make a foray into the throngs of […]

random sayings

things that  have come out of my mouth in the last week: 1. just let me get my clothes on and i’ll be out the door. 2. such creamy goodness. my goodness, creamy creamy. 3. i believe i’ll have the “polynesian pleasure.” things that have come out of other peoples’ mouths in the last week: 1. i’ve decided to […]

the definition of nothing

from the merriam-webster dictionary: bender: noun  1. one that bends  2. spree spree: noun  1. an unrestrained indulgence of an activity  – especially binge, carousal binge: noun  1a. a drunken revel  1b. an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence this was my weekend. ah hell, it was my entire week. since you last heard from me, dear readers, life has taken a […]

a turn of the weather

waking with the sun in my eyes, i slowly blink myself to consciousness. another gorgeous day. looking around at my apartment, i resolve to clean the place up and do some laundry. sometimes i can be such a pig. minutes later i’m on the phone, calling my pals to see if anyone wants to go […]

surefire signs

as i begin to write this, i have to ask myself: why do all my stories involve booze? which begs the second question: does it really matter? answer: i think not. casey and i begin our journey last night at the mercury lounge. The merc, as we call it, is the favorite hangout of the merc players, as we call ourselves. our merry […]