a turn of the weather

waking with the sun in my eyes, i slowly blink myself to consciousness. another gorgeous day. looking around at my apartment, i resolve to clean the place up and do some laundry. sometimes i can be such a pig. minutes later i’m on the phone, calling my pals to see if anyone wants to go […]

surefire signs

as i begin to write this, i have to ask myself: why do all my stories involve booze? which begs the second question: does it really matter? answer: i think not. casey and i begin our journey last night at the mercury lounge. The merc, as we call it, is the favorite hangout of the merc players, as we call ourselves. our merry […]

here’s lookin’ at you, babe

of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, i had to walk into hawk’s. so i’m sitting at my computer last night, going over a bunch of old documents in my quest to compile items for my site, fingers flying over the keys as i revise the hell out of shit […]