the pure and dirty bits

i’m not one for resolutions. i figure that if there’s something that needs doing, you simply suck it up and do it, declarations be damned. and if it needs doing, it mostly likely needs doing now. i’m a girl who likes action. forward movement. what comes next. i don’t wait for the stars to align, […]

two behind me

So here I sit, without a voice, more alone than I am comfortable with. Even with productive chords I was never able to find the harmony. But this unceasing caesura has left only a residue of refrain, and the building suspicion that my solo might remain unsung. It descends into my throat, enveloping me in […]

on irish jigs and pupil dilation

ah, valentine’s day. i would like to say i spent yesterday in the throes of an all-consuming, passionate affair. i would like to say that. reality, however, is much less kind. i spent the day in an unseeing fuzz of uncomfortability. what kind of a dork makes an eye exam appointment for 10 am on […]