the white-eater

too many days since i’ve put down words. too few reasons for this absence. when i wrote first of my father and his passing i thought there, that’s it, i’ve defined the landscape of my grief, and open, now, i can begin to find my way forward. i was so excited, so anxious to give […]

creatures of the air

autumn is my favorite season. always has been. i love the slight chill in the air, the smell of burning leaves, the riotous colors and the twilights that linger just a little bit longer. give me hot cocoa. better yet, spiced cider. i want the scratchy wool socks. i need the brisk breezes. i crave the corduroy […]

let your desires be known

just like spring to pull a fast one on me. sunny days, warm nights, and flashes of rollerskaters and lovers on the corner as i drive by on my way to nowhere special. then, without warning, gloom, rain and sweaters.bleh. what an inauspicious start to my birthday week. but i got flowers today. yellow daffodils. […]