Get an Orchard in Your Hands

This story starts out like all other stories about me. I was left alone, and I had an idea.

jed avi
My brother, Jed Quinn, looking all authory

When I’m abandoned to my own devices I start to feel particularly brilliant, and am then compelled to see any subsequent amazing ideas to fruition. Luckily, most of the time my idle hands (and grey matter) are otherwise engaged.

However, I had an unexpected few hours to myself the other week. And my brain got busy making diabolical plans. AND THE BEST IDEA WAS BIRTHED. And I’m giving you custody.

I’ve been working with my mama and my brother, @therealjedquinn, on his new book COVE.

Brainstorming, editing, assisting with graphic design, I am part of the village that believes in my brother wholeheartedly and supports his writing with whatever skills and resources we have at hand. I worked with him on his last book, ORCHARD, trying to help make it the best book it could be. And I think it’s pretty damn great. And I think he’s pretty damn great.

jed signing
Jed at a sold out signing of ORCHARD at the Cedar Rapids, IA Barnes & Noble

COVE is coming out next month. He’s in the final stretch, and it’s been a slog. Book-things are hard. And I just want to help him as much as I can.

So. My idea.

I want to get ORCHARD into as many hands as possible. I want to get him into your hands. Your delicious, hungry, lovely hands.

In celebration of the imminent release of COVE, I’m going to purchase a digital edition of ORCHARD for you.

Yes, YOU.

25 lucky readers of this post will be the recipients of a Kindle or Nook edition of ORCHARD. Find out more about it here: Orchard at Amazon

My amazing and artistic mother created a beautiful cover for ORCHARD

So, if you want a FREE BOOK with a GREAT STORY and COMPLEX CHARACTERS full of SASS and HEART, fill out the contact form below by 12 pm CST on May 31 and you could have your delectable, dirty, amazing hands filled with my brother’s words. And my sincere thanks.

If you don’t want a FREE BOOK with an AMAZING PLOT and EXOTIC LOCALES with FIGHTING and SMOOCHING, that’s fine too. *looks at you suspiciously*

If, when you’ve finished reading ORCHARD you feel the need to leave a review, PLEASE DO. Good, bad, indifferent, I can’t tell you how much it would help, and how much it would mean to him.

Thank you, and happy reading!


(Sorry, all copies have been given away!)