get me high

well i know i’m gonna see you
making all the rounds tonight
incoherent and irreverent
as i watch you taking flight
i’ll be calling as you float by
every cable line in sight
can you get me
can you get me high
i remember that first wednesday
when i showed up at your place
climbing all those sideways stairs
in search of beauty and of grace
you took my hand, i let you
as we jettisoned to space
you could get me
you could get me high
your eyes are red
have you been crying
just take a breath
i’ll start you flying
now i’m driving downtown streets
past the diners and the bar fights
chasing down your drifting figure
and running running running lights
trying to search you out
on this starless, cloudy night
i need you to get me
your eyes are red
you gotta get me
have you been crying
why won’t you get me
just take a breath
please can’t you get me high
and you’ll be flying high