this song is funny

tonight you don’t love me
i don’t really care
our friends are all over
they’re starting to stare
’cause the lampshade’s on my head
and your underwear is on the stove
and fuck ’em all
if they can’t take a joke
don’t ask me to leave you
i never could go
when there’s wine in the fridge
and a freshly packed bowl
’cause we’re not tapped
and we’re not cashed
we’ve got the grapes
and we’ve grown the grass
so let us get drunk
and smoke ’til we’re old
i can see you in the corner
as i stand commanding all the room
telling all who care to listen
of your mother’s left ass-cheek tattoo
it’s not so very funny
it’s more sublimely gross
but fuck you too
if you can’t take a joke
you ask me to leave you
i maybe could go
the bottle’s half-empty
and the green is so-so
’cause we’re getting tapped
and we’re getting cashed
the grapes have gone rotten
mary jane’s in the trash
my buzz is starting to fade
and my high is going fast
well it’s three in the morning
and the revelry’s done
you stand as stone crumbling
one push, you’d go down
my pride and inhibitions gone
doesn’t matter that my ankle’s broke
’cause fuck me most
if i can’t take a joke
so i’m happy to leave you
i really should go
the labels are missing
and the bag has been thrown
’cause we’re all tapped
and we’re all cashed
the vine has withered
the hits have been passed
i’m not at all drunk
and i could really use a toke