strained as sisyphus

shouldering his stone upward

so is wednesday born



bocce ball in heels

barbeque clad in rhinestones

i win when failing



wrenched into waking

helter skelter scattered head

my breath stays uncaught



storm clouds chase the road

like memories of months flown

birds refuse their wings



from brutal shadows

moths dart out in quick vengeance

ghosts to make more ghosts



i lay where you laid

still the air accuses me

colder absent you



cleaving through the stones

flinging pavement far behind

i mark the path home




the roiling tide falls

settling low in my belly

susurus of lust



we sip from warped cups

mottled darkness from our hands

beauty lies in fault



pliantly searching

willow fronds gather the breeze

and fold in the night



night has run away

whispering through nascent fog

dew lights on my breast



a soft ping of rain

spent from the sky; a thousand

diamonds in my hair



thick cicadas mask

the sound of your dark approach

but i scent your skin



pulled to restless haste

the sea rushes its own shore

a distant moon waits



supple double leaf

rooted to the twig, broken

before it could fall



a bending branch sighs

whispering to weaving leaves

breathing in and out



kept close in my hands

these fireflies will warm me

against colder days



sun rises slowly

steaming shaobing slid from the

cooling crust of earth



the water trembles

restless limbs that seek release

all my sighs will drown