a fifth of jack daniels on the way to hell

a different voice exercise, where i tried to write from a masculine point of view.  the original version is first, followed by the final draft.


sometimes when i hit you
i want you to break
other times when i hit you
i want you to love me
i suppose it’s the same thing

do you remember our first moment?
i don’t
did it have something to do with band-aids?
or was that my first ex-wife?
i don’t remember offhand

but i guess you think it’s funny
that i came home
in the middle of the day
and put my father’s gun to my head
’cause when you found me you laughed

you jumped up and down
and did a ridiculous little jig
shaking your body so hard
that beneath your skirt
your underwear started to fall down


you fucker
don’t you know
you gotta break
when i hit you?

you never do
any goddamn thing

and you’re supposed to
love me
you’re supposed to
make me feel
’cause i’m the man
and you’re just
some stupid fuckin’ bitch
but no
you can’t be bothered

but i guess
you’ll have to
get off your ass
’cause when i put
my father’s gun
to my head
there’s gonna be
one big fuckin’ mess

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