give me this breath / close the blinds, love


give me this breath – cara

i gather myself
my black-burned heart
and cry for night
cry for your arms once again
wrapped upon my thighs
and your head on my belly
your favorite place to lay

i bring on the night
and the demons that accompany it
and search with restless hands
for the coarse living hair of you
and the warming breath of dreams
that hold no surprises
and no regret

give me this breath
wrap yourself about me
and give me a night
not quite so dark


Close the Blinds, Love – Erin

How I fear this enlightened one
that haunts my dreams
How endearing your simple giggles
and reluctant eroticism
I claw for those tenderest places
in this black night
Curtains closed having known
what you will never laugh about
To drink the sweet ale
that will be bitter in it’s taste after



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