michaelangelo’s gate / barren


Michaelangelo’s Gate – Erin

I dreamt of having your child
last night
having recreated your eyes
on the wild face of discovery.
Eyes that devour all that surrounds them.
Cries of primacy
slicing the nets that gave my soul buoyancy.
Only the swaddling clothes
of light on bare skin
not dissimilar to the flesh that pressed so close
it entered me
with the rush of celestial fire
lighting the way toward
the emptiness that would surely follow.
Barren, now, having bore your posterity
to be replenished again by that self same life
with explosions of pity and grace.

Waking with a meekness
having divined an illusion
that drank the blood of us both
I sought to divide us back into our parts,
setting each white knight apart from
each black pawn.
Perhaps the loneliest task
that I have yet done.


barren – cara

the babe that bears your eyes
devoured me
your flesh
graced me
not to be undone
i drew down the line of us
and left myself one



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