an exercise in stream of consciousness writing.


drive me god-man drive me drive me i’m wild i’m wild and i burn drive me to the edge of myself and turn my head to the blank-eyed future i haven’t eaten for two days and you haven’t spoken in twice as long you haven’t spoken and i am hungry so hungry feed me tell me tell me speak pound me pound me into the form of what you want what you want me to be i know why i’m not in your heart i know that i don’t fit in there into there i take up too much space too much the room i take up is too much for you you think that if i made myself smaller much smaller to you that i’d fit i’d fit i would fit into your small space i would finally fit into your smallness for you i would shrink i would shed everything i would take the corner you grudgingly give and the dim light and be happy be happy in you i would be in you at last for your voice on my name for your name i would make myself small make me small

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