Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead is perchance one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Please forgive the use of “perchance”, as it sounds terribly British. But that’s the point. The “London bloke slogging it out on a daily basis” tone that is imbued throughout this genre-defying film is decidedly English, and therein lays the beauty. If you’re a fan of The Office, Absolutely Fabulous or any other such shows, you’ll love this offering from freshman feature director Edgar Wright, who crafts each scene with a delicate balance of disparate styles: ironically, it’s easiest to call it a zomie-romance-comedy-tragedy-family-drama-coming-into-one’s-own-slapstick-misfit-thriller. And I’m probably leaving a few things out. Simon Pegg gives an “everyman” performance with an edge as Shaun, a hapless electronic store clerk with a rocky relationship and serious step-dad issues who, along with his best friend (Nick Frost), must get off their slacker asses to save their family and friends when London is infected by a zombie virus. The film is shockingly gory, but that’s mitigated by the sight gags and brilliantly cutting dialogue. And it doesn’t escape the viewer that Shaun doesn’t notice the zombies right away because the only difference between them and us is slightly different eating habits. And the whole dead thing. So I suppose I should add socio-economic-political-commentary to the list as well.

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