the blue room inside my inferno / i will wait your sword


the blue room inside my inferno – cara

this repulsive ache beneath me this fever shriveled and hard it will not rise die like my heart and mourned by this soul-less one by this one this closed mouth it holds in my baked-up love and there is no difference but death in this fire if it were alive i would kill it if i were alive i should like to burn grasping climbing upon the flames bringing my ambitions equal to yours

what do you think of me now?

can you need me this time?

this secret i hold it out special to you this secret i hold happiness tight in my scarred hands and won’t let any out it is a precious commodity these days i will not throw it about it won’t be thrown


I Will Wait Your Sword – Erin

How stealthy, I
How fine in my reverence
when my sparkled splendor
is as yours
Held in your incestuous nutshell
The king of finite space
Perhaps I, your queen
having withheld my heavy heart
from your glancing view
Your sabor with I contained
within the leathered handle
filling your venemous blade
These conquered
they are mine
But you will always scoff
at all but your own
And I will grow small
having fed on teeth and bone
and your too-thin sole re-guard



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