the darkness of your smile

i know the darkness of your smile
i have seen it before
perched on my lover’s lips
waiting for some rotting meat
i am no meat for you i said
and he smiled me his blackness
and left me for some other prey
that would not tear at his heart so much

full seven years since then
twice i thought i saw him
once i know i did
and he with dirty eyes and hungry teeth
turned his back upon me
and measured his steps the other way
i trust he had found
some other meat

so do not think that i am ignorant
do not think i cannot comprehend
your purpose for me tonight
dim the lights a little more
fill my glass with your wine
pretend i am unsuspecting

and i will sit upon this chair
i will brush back my hair
so that it falls upon only one shoulder
and when your hand comes down
i will smile and sigh

oh, do not mistake me
i will scream at first
but later
when you have left me almost empty
i will call you my dark angel
and take you within myself
and bless the night that brought me
to one such as you
and bless a thing like you
that took me for meat
and fed upon my heart
and turned my smile black

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