weak in your arms

my damp hair clings to your chest
and i bare my teeth
in the closest facsimile i have of a smile
so that when you look down upon me
i will appear happy

for two weeks i have let you have me
two weeks and i have yet to take you with me
into this darkness

why do i hesitate for you?
why do i feel i could almost cry for you?
could i be weak in your arms?

oh, you sweet boy
you have no idea

but this cannot be
you are smiling
and sighing
and offering yourself to me

and i see the face, the smile
that took me completely into darkness
i see him in me
and me in you

my teeth are wet
and you are waiting
but i cannot stand the human air

running out of your arms
bursting onto the night full naked
i scream at the stars
and curse the august moon
that first lit your face for me

on my knees
you have me on my knees

i turn and see you
standing in the window
and i am still hungry

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